Severe Weather Operations


The Fire Department is responsible for emergency management for the City of Saginaw and the Fire Department administration building houses the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Weather conditions are monitored 24 hours a day from the fire dispatch center, also located in the Fire Department administration building.

Severe Weather Threats

When a threat of severe weather for the North Texas area occurs, a chief officer of the Fire Department begins to monitor weather conditions until the threat no longer exists.

If the severe weather threat progresses, a chief officer of the Fire Department will activate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for enhanced weather monitoring and communication capabilities and begin to notify key personnel within other city departments.

If severe weather is likely to hit the City of Saginaw, all available chief officers of the Fire Department will report to the EOC, which is put into full operation and is also staffed with key personnel from other city departments to the level that the situation dictates.