Plan Submittal

Submit to the Fire Department
**NEW Location:  700 W. McLeroy Blvd, Saginaw, Texas 76179

Design and construction plans pertaining to the following shall be submitted through the Executive Assistant in the Building Department and appropriate copies will be forwarded to the Fire Department for review and approval. This includes but is not limited to:

  • All gates, barriers, and other similar devices that impede the required Fire Department access
  • Fire Department access roads (fire lanes) and easements
  • On-site fire protection water systems (fire hydrants and all associated piping and appliances)
  • All classes of standpipe systems and all associated piping and appliances
  • All fire alarm alerting and detection systems, including smoke and heat detection, manual pull stations, flame and vapor detection systems, and all other systems utilized for fire or hazardous condition alerting and detection
  • All fire protection systems, including automatic and manual fire sprinkler systems, kitchen hood and duct systems, and CO2, dry chemical, and all other types of extinguishing systems
  • Installation and removal of all above- and below-ground flammable and combustible storage tanks and all associated piping and appliances

All plans are required to be submitted directly to the Fire Department via PDF. Once you complete the PDF and all associated documents, they should be directed to  PDF files will be accepted via flash drive and will be retained by the Fire Department.  1 copy shall be retained on the job site and made available upon request to any Saginaw fire or building code official.

Fire Department Plan Submittal Checklist 
  • Fully complete the Fire Department Plan Submittal Document - Fire Department Plan Submittal Form:  (PDF)
  • Copy of current & appropriate State of Texas Licensing i.e. sprinkler, alarm system etc….
  • Copy of Contractor Liability Insurance
  • Copy of State issued Drivers License or ID Card for the Owner or Principal Member for Company
  • One electronic version of plans in PDF format

If plans are to be dropped off, they need to be dropped off at the Saginaw Fire Department. The address is 700 W. McLeroy Blvd., Saginaw, Texas 76179

For questions or comments regarding plan submittal, please email the Fire Marshal at


Please allow 14-21 business days for plan review, approval, and permitting. Review and permitting fees do apply to all submittals and the fees vary in relation to the job type, size, and complexity. Required re-submittals will, in most cases, necessitate additional review time and are subject to additional fees.

On-site acceptance testing and approval shall only be scheduled with the Fire Department by the contractor to whom the permit was issued. Access to all work and equipment shall the responsibility of the installing contractor. At no time shall any equipment, fixture, piping, wiring, or any device be obstructed or covered to prevent inspection and acceptance without approval from a fire code official.

Fee Responsibility
All permit and review fees are to be paid in full when the approved plans and documents are picked up. Permits and plans may be picked up from the Building Departments Executive Assistant which is located at 301 S. Saginaw Blvd. Permit and review fees shall be paid by cash, check or credit card.

At no time shall any work requiring approval and permitting by the Fire Department be performed before a valid permit has been issued.

Contact Information:  For questions or comments regarding plan submittal, please email the Fire Marshal at

  • Click here to view the Fire Department and Plan Submittal Fees.